Subculture encryptors

from Watchwinders by Coilguns

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how inexplicable does it need to be
to trigger our hopes - question our needs ?
no words can describe what the heart foresees
this quest for odd will never cease

outsiders and strangers from overseas
fascinated by legends, attracted by myths
nothing bright enough for us to keep
this quest for odd will never cease

traffic intruders - sailors of mercy
bind their tongues and broken wrists
broadways to mainstream bound to oblivion
we'll counterflow your digit waves
scuttling our barge

we keep chasing sunken ships
diving deep in the muddy water
swallowing sand and chewing nacre
seeking paradise underwater
our friends gathered for subculture
pirates army for punk treasures
the only map - guilty pleasure -
is hidden there, lost forever
our only goal is going darker
let's just pretend we're seeking pearls
stealing values from true nature
a chunk of history for world losers
an open book of trick spoilers
full price tickets for amateurs
still no one calls, no rush hour
we're waiting here patient dreamers
our only goal is going darker
fucked up frequencies broadcasters
sonar sounding buzzers
sperm whales for main singers
ocean's weirdest subversive choir
in the melting ice and increasing water
as surface falls into terror
we'll vanish all into vapor
our only goal is going darker


from Watchwinders, released October 25, 2019


all rights reserved


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