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Drainers 03:42
Leveling 04:38




August 2013: As Luc Hess and Jona Nido are touring Mexico with their former band THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE, producer Ricardo Zuniga invites them to DBRICK PRODUCTIONS studio in Mexico City. In two days, the two partners write and record a couple of songs for their side-project COILGUNS.

Used to collaborate with different artists and bands - and because releasing records with friends always is a lot of fun - they decide to release these tracks on a split record. They approach their countrymen in ABRAHAM to have them add some beard and one dark sounding masterpiece. Considering the level of intimacy gained through several nights of debauchery previously spent together, ABRAHAM immediately accept.

Abraham's contribution to this split record is one long and dark anthem to hair growing and depression. Now writing a new record, the bearded quintet experimented a lot with this track while keeping their own unique sound of low tuned black-sludge-beard-what-the-fuck-ever-metal. Absolute songwriting experts, they never leave any detail on the side and this collaboration was a good opportunity to challenge their own writing approach with having to deal with very short deadlines. The result is fucking epic.

Coilguns's is acting more like a patchwork here. Experimenting a lot as well, the band always tries to destabilize their listeners, even the die-hard ones. If the first two songs were recorded about a year ago, the third one is the result of one live session in France in April 2014 after a show. All three songs are very different, ranging from very low tuned straight hardcore à la Cursed to ambient arpeggios and up to some crazy 70's rock jam featuring Pete Adams from Savannah's heavy rock heroes Baroness. Nobody knows if any of these songs will represent any of the band's future sounds.


released September 20, 2014

Line-up Abraham
Olivier Haehnel vocals / moog
David Haldimann vocals / drums
Jacques Viredaz guitars
Mathieu Jallut guitars
Valentin Jallut bass
Line-up Coilguns
Louis Jucker vocals, lyrics and artistic quality control
Luc Hess drums and ear molester
Jona Nido guitars & amps maniac, pedalboard fetish & dictator
Matthieu Amstutz occult Noises, borderline speeches and dancing weirdo
Pete Adams guitar hero On "The Archivist"
Chris Johnson bass hero On "Drainers" & "The Archivist"
Abraham > Recorded at Saloon Bizarre, Lausanne, CH by Raphaël Bovey and Johann Meyer
> Mixed by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio in Lausanne, CH
> Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at The Wilhelm Room in Stockholm, Sweden
Coilguns > Drums for tracks 02 & 03 recorded at Dbrick Productions in Mexico City, Mexico by Ricardo Zuniga
> Guitars for tracks 02 & 03 recorded at the Hummus Guitar Laboratory in La Chx-de-Fds, CH by Jona Nido > Guitar solos for track 02 recorded at the KIFF's office in Aarau, CH by Jona Nido

> Keys and noises recorded at the Hummus Guitar Laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH by Jona Nido
> Bass for tracks 02 & 03 recorded at Moontower Studio in Boston, MA, USA by Chris Johnson
> Tracks 02 & 03 mixed by Chris Johnson at Moontower Studio in Boston, MA, USA
> Tracks 02 & 03 mastered by Julian Silva at On Air Mastering in Brooklyn, NY, USA
> Track 04 recorded live and uncut at Greenvalley Records in Villé, F by Baptiste Bruzi > Track 04 mixed and mastered by Baptiste Bruzi at Greenvalley Records in Villé, F
> Artwork, illustrations & layout by David Haldimann, CH
> Linocut by David Haldimann, Lausanne, CH
> Screen-printing by OUT OF GAS, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH
www.facebook.com/davidhaldimannart www.facebook.com/davidhaldimannart outofgas.ch


all rights reserved



Coilguns La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland


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